Most images shown are pieces that are not currently available. If you're interested in seeing work that is currently available for purchase, follow the galleries link or contact me directly.

These are examples of the various series I work within. Exploration of new ideas is what drives my passion. Throughout my career I have developed a visual language of techniques that I use to delve in and out of these different bodies of work; whether it's texture, surface, color, opacity and translucency; these are the words that I use to tell the stories that are my sculptures.

Crystal Worlds

In this series, I explore creating a quiet world within the glass. There is a tremendous amount of visual movement as the viewer walks around the sculpture.

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This series may bring about imagery of natural crystals, something that might have been dug up from nature. But then I expanded it and realized that the pieces really talk to one another and began to also read like landscapes,

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The sculptures appear to open and close as if they’re moving. This results in an illusion and a mystery within the reflection, creating a projected world to explore. But with one turn of the head, the portal closes and disappears.

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Diamonds, Discs and Half Moons

These are very much inspired by landscapes, whether it’s the view of a distant lake, a cresting wave or the implied growth of a natural crystal.

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Steel and Glass

I’ve been exploring this series for many years, playing with the interaction between the translucency and opacity of the glass. They remind me of a plant growing from a seed that was trapped in a crack in a rock or

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Lead Crystal

I love how these pieces show the “memory” of the glass from the fusing process. They remind me of a relic that could be found in a natural history museum.

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Window Pieces

This is my most colorful series and invites the viewer to look within the smooth and translucent core of the piece that is juxtaposed against the feathery cuts on the edges.

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Award winning artist Alex Gabriel Bernstein presents a bold and refreshing exploration of visual form and story telling.

Bernstein skillfully combines metaphor with the power and sensuality of sculpted glass. His cast, carved and polished glass sculptures provide the viewer with intimate narrative landscapes, drawn from light, form and color. Alex explores ideas about the passage of time and the processes of creation and transformation.

The forms of Bernstein’s pieces – as well as the techniques he uses to work the glass – mirror processes in nature, such as oxidation, erosion, growth and decay. As a result, many of his pieces evoke images of flowing water, ice crystals, mountain peaks and jagged canyons – all structures that seem solid and unyielding, but are actually in constant flux.

The work reflects his sense of exploration: an exquisitely cut geometric crystal sculpture set against a brutal, rusted steel backdrop, volcanic bursts of cut glass spewing from a steel-encrusted base, layers of transparent color intermingling with ambient light. Alex’s sculptures reflect his feelings and sensitivity to others, curiosity and enthusiasm for bringing new dimensions to his sculpture. Others will seek to employ Alex’s techniques, but none will achieve the depth of expressionism, his ability to depict the emotions and responses that objects and events arouse in him.

This is the underlying strength of his work in glass.