The following images show Alex’s general process from start to finish in creating a unique, cast and carved glass sculpture.

Small pieces of glass go into a very basic steel mold. This mold happens to be half of an old fire extinguisher.

Next is firing the glass in the kiln. At 1550 degrees, all the small pieces of glass homogenize into one glass block. These blocks are then annealed, or cooled, very slowly for at least a week – up to a month for larger pieces.

After the block is out of the kiln, a design is drafted and sketched onto the glass itself in preparation for the sculpture.

Cutting out the shape begins, using a large diamond saw.

The shape is refined with grinding tools.

The overall shape is mostly refined at this point.

Back to the saw to cut in and add textural elements to the sculpture.

The bottom of the sculpture is made flat and level with a flat mill.

Ready to be finished.

The completed sculpture.